Transparency and Reporting

As part of our commitment to the islands and our pledge to transparency and dialogue, Bayer willingly shares information about our pesticide use in Hawai`i. More importantly, we also share information about how we manage and steward our farms – because pesticides by themselves don’t tell the whole story. They are only one of many different tools we use to keep our crops and farms healthy, sustainable and productive.

Bayer Hawaii Farm Stewardship Report

In Hawaii, all agricultural users combined — including Bayer — account for only about one-third of total restricted use pesticide (RUP) sold in the state. Bayer uses less than 1% of the total.

Bayer complies with all federal and state laws regulating the responsible use of pesticides, including providing any information required by these government agencies.

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA), which regulates the manufacture, sale and use of pesticides in Hawai`i, is able to review our pesticide application records and inventories at any time.

We cooperate with HDOA to provide ongoing detailed records, practices, worker protection standards and field sanitation reports as well as comply with numerous visits and audits.

We have voluntarily provided a list of the RUPs we use statewide since 2014. Beginning in 2019, we have continued to provide information, but in a new format to comply with the provisions of the State of Hawaii’s new Act 45.