Our Commitment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus presents the world with major challenges. “As a company active in the areas of health and nutrition, we can provide substantial help in overcoming the crisis with our products and our expertise,” says Werner Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Management. “Our employees are working round the clock to do just that.”

Bayer is focusing on three areas to assist in tackling the crisis:

Looking after our employees’ health

  • The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. The coronavirus presents a serious risk, and we have taken the necessary steps to limit its spread.
  • We are regularly updating our employees on the latest developments. Advice on what everyone can do to prevent the virus from spreading is posted on our intranet.
  • All employees can work from home until further notice if their duties allow. With schools and day care centers closed, this gives them the flexibility to temporarily look after their children themselves or make alternative arrangements.

Maintaining the supply of our products and services to hospitals, doctors, patients, consumers and farmers

  • We’re working at full steam to ensure business continuity so that we can provide patients, consumers and farmers with the products they urgently need at this time.
  • Our organization, and especially our production facilities, have so far been operating largely problem-free.
  • Should the situation continue to worsen, the emergency response plans we have prepared for all sites will be implemented as necessary to ensure our facilities continue to operate safely and effectively for as long as possible.

As part of our social commitment we are providing governments, health authorities and municipalities with urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, expertise and financial assistance

  • We’re assisting in the search for a new active substance to treat COVID-19. Pharmaceutical companies and universities are working together to search for a new substance. Here, we’re providing access to our substance library and conducting screening work to find a potential active ingredient. Bayer is supporting the COVID-19 Therapeutic Accelerator Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is also contributing to the search for an active substance to treat COVID-19 as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).
  • We’re providing financial assistance in severely affected regions. In addition to providing financial support in China, we also recently donated one million euros to an aid fund in Italy that will be used to buy urgently needed apparatus for intensive care units and protective equipment. These are just two examples of the many ways we’re helping. We’ve set up our own task force to provide assistance quickly and efficiently.