Listen to our ‘Sustaining Hawaii’ Radio Series

Bayer Hawaii is excited to share our new monthly radio program – Sustaining Hawaii. The show airs from 9-10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month on News Radio 830 KHVH.

Today’s global agriculture industry is facing many challenges. Climate change, labor shortage, water stresses and pest control are just a few of these challenges that are affecting us here in Hawaii. For the next 12 months, KHVH host Rick Hamada will sit down with local farmers and industry leaders to take a closer look at Hawaii’s farming industry while covering a wide range of topics, from invasive species to technology.

Listen to our episodes below:

Episode 11:
Sustaining Hawaii: ‘Farm to Food’ supporting Oahu Farmers and Families

In our November episode of Sustaining Hawaii we speak to Taylor Kellerman of Kualoa Ranch and Justin Ridgely of Ho Farms.  Hear about the latest happening on both farms,  plus how the ‘Farm to Food’ initiative is helping to keep Oahu farmers afloat financially.

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 10:
Maui AG: Surviving during a Pandemic, Drought & Economic Crisis

In our October episode of Sustaining Hawaii we turn our attention back to Maui County. A lot has happened on the valley isle since we last visited Maui in our July episode. Farmers are not only battling an economic crisis but also a drought, among other new issues. We speak to Thomas Kafsack, owner of Surfing Goat Dairy, who is struggling to keep his business afloat. We then hear from Teena Rasmussen, President of the Maui County Farm Bureau. Should Maui County have a Department of Agriculture? What are Maui County farmers saying, Rasmussen discusses.

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 9:
Kauai Agriculture was the theme of September’s episode of Sustaining Hawaii. We had two terrific guests, Hawaii State Senate President Ron Kouchi and President of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, Josh Uyehara. Learn more about the Farm to State Initiative, plus what garden island farmers are doing to survive during the covid pandemic.

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 8:
In August’s episode of Sustaining Hawaii, we heard from Lorie Smith-Farrell, Coordinator at Hawaii Farmers and Ranchers United on the Big Island.  What are the challenges Big Island farmers and ranchers facing? From previous natural disasters to the current pandemic, Host Rick Hamada and Lorie discuss solutions that could sustain Big Island Agriculture.

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 7:
In July’s episode of Sustaining Hawaii we heard from the President of the Maui County Farm Bureau, Teena Rasmuseen. From how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Maui County farmers to addressing farming profitability, learn everything you need to know about Maui County Ag!

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 6:

In June’s episode of Sustaining Hawaii, guests, Kevin Kelly President CEO of North Shore EVP and Vincent Kimura owner of Smart Yields, discussed the show’s theme: Flexibility in the face of disruption: Understanding and strengthening Hawaii’s regional food systems for greater resiliency and farmer success. We also heard from Darlene Loo-McDowell, founder of Sharing the Butterfly Experience, who discussed the #MonarchButterflySweepstakes.

You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 5:

In the May episode of Sustaining Hawaii, Brian Miyamoto, Executive Director of the Hawaii Farm Bureau, discusses how his organization is playing a critical role in helping Hawaii farmers farm during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, how Bayer Hawaii is using 3D printers to help Hawaii frontliners, plus a downloadable coloring book and a very special announcement for Bayer Hawaii.You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 4:

Phil Blake, President of Bayer U.S., discussed the company’s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic on the April episode of Sustaining Hawaii. Blake discussed many topics, from the donation of three million tablets of the drug Resochin (chloroquine phosphate) to the U.S. Government, to a massive donation in the form of one million consumer health products. Denise Yamaguchi of the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation also discussed the Food-to-go-go initiative, and we also heard from Troy Terorotua, Chef/Owner REAL gastropub and BREW’d, who talked about how you can help local restaurants and farmers during these challenging times.
You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 3:

Dean Okimoto, Chairman of the Hawaii Ag Foundation, and Kamiya Papaya’s Joni and Michael Kamiya sat down with Rick Hamada for our March episode. The three discussed the challenges Hawaii farmers face like climate change, labor concerns, regulatory issues and the loss of valuable tools in the farmer toolbox. Learn more about the Hawaii Ag Foundation and the history behind the Kamiya Papaya! It’s a thought-provoking discussion; it’s Sustaining Hawaii.
You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 2:

Brian Miyamoto and Megan Kono of the Hawaii Farm Bureau (HFB) discuss what the Farm Bureau is doing to grow Hawaii’s Ag industry through positive initiatives like AG Day at the Capitol, Hawaii Farmers Markets and the Farm Fair.  Miyamoto, who is the Executive Director of HFB also discussed some of the challenges Hawaii Agriculture faces.  “We are trying to grow our industry. We’ve got about an 11 day supply of food, so if there are any interruptions to our ports of entry we’ve got some real challenges ahead,” said Miyamoto.  You can listen to the episode by clicking below.

Episode 1:

Michelle Starke, Science and Environmental Outreach Lead at Bayer Hawaii and Scott Schroeder, Head of School at Sacred Hearts Academy, sat down with Rick to discuss the importance of STEM education and how these skills are essential in meeting the changing needs of today’s agriculture industry. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are approximately 60,000 job openings in agriculture annually, and only 35,000 graduates to fill them. So what are we doing here in Hawaii to support education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math?  You can listen to the episode by clicking below.