Bayer Hawaii Debuts Monthly Radio Program – Sustaining Hawaii

Bayer Hawaii is excited to announce the debut of its new monthly radio program – Sustaining Hawaii.

Today’s global agriculture industry is facing many challenges. Climate change, labor shortage, water stresses and pest control are just a few of these challenges that are affecting us here in Hawaii. For the next 12 months, KHVH host Rick Hamada will sit down with local farmers and industry leaders to take a closer look at Hawaii’s farming industry while covering a wide range of topics, from invasive species to technology.

“A common theme we intend to address throughout this series, is how do we as a farming industry, maintain healthy and sustainable farms all while using less natural resources,” said Alan Takemoto, Community Affairs Lead at Bayer Hawaii. “For the past 50 years, we have taken our role as a leader in Hawaii’s agriculture industry very seriously. Throughout this next year, our goal is to highlight today’s challenges and learn more about what companies, like Bayer, are doing to improve agriculture across the Hawaiian islands.”

The first show, which broadcast live on January 8, 2020, featured Michelle Starke, Science and Environmental Outreach Lead at Bayer Hawaii and Scott Schroeder, Head of School at Sacred Hearts Academy, they sat down with Rick to discuss the importance of STEM education and how these skills are essential in meeting the changing needs of today’s agriculture industry.

“I believe those in business have a responsibility to support the communities that support them. There are many opportunities to contribute and I view our agricultural industry in Hawaii an essential partner to all,” said host Rick Hamada. “Sustaining Hawaii brought to you by Bayer Hawaii provides a great service in informing and educating our listeners on this dynamic industry and more.”

To meet these changing needs, skills in science, technology, engineering and math are essential. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are approximately 60,000 job openings in agriculture annually, and only 35,000 graduates to fill them. So what are we doing here in Hawaii to support education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math? You can listen to our first show by clicking below.

Sustaining Hawaii, Episode 1:


Sustaining Hawaii airs from 9-10 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month on News Radio 830 KHVH.